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Dublin Calling

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

I'm doing it! Why not? Let's reset goals and head back to Europe- for good this time. Destination: Dublin, Ireland. More specifically, Dún Laoghaire. Close enough to the big city, but conveniently small enough to call my own. I plan to have a sailboat in or near the marina there that I can take on weekend sails to Howth and similar intrigues.

Being an American, though, I don't yet have the right to just move. Mix in the global pandemic, and we have a lot of obstacles to conquer. It may take several years, but conquer them I will. Dum spiro spero per ardua ad astra (while I breathe I hope through difficulties to the stars).

First step: think globally! Change my resume / CV to reflect my multicultural interests and talents. Get an Irish telephone number. Bridge the gaps and reconnect with Irish friends. Ignite that motivational soundtrack of Irish music. Cook up some Irish cuisine (or at least start cooking kielbasa with Guinness and veggies). Connect with organizations and people who can help me achieve my dreams. ALL CHECK!

Additionally, my classes at Trinity College Dublin start on Tuesday. A postgraduate program at Ireland's # 1 university in Managing Risk and System Change. Not only will it help my current HR and management career, it could open the door for new opportunities (and facilitate my work search and immigration endeavors in Dublin).

Life is about relationships and experience. Everything else is society. I think it's time to start living...

Sláinte and craic for all!

Peter at Lough Tay ("Guinness Lake") in Wicklow Mountains
Peter at Lough Tay ("Guinness Lake") in 2015


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