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Peter grew up in Kansas City, moved to Atlanta in his 20's, and has since lived in Romania, Hungary, France, and Ireland before moving to Boston in 2017.

His background includes IT, software development, and operations management. He has also ushered every stage of the corporate life cycle. After having a change of heart, he switched paths to organizational development and process improvement, which shifted his focus to human capital. He has since worked in both strategic and generalist human resources as well as training / L&D in multiple industries and countries.

Peter holds a double Masters Degree in Human Capital Management and International Business from Bellevue University in Nebraska. He is also a certified trainer in English for foreign workers, Red Cross First Aid / CPR, and TIPS (safe alcohol service). Additional certifications include coffee / Barista, food safety / allergens, and Microsoft certification (MCP) in support and troubleshooting. His Bachelors Degree in Business Information Systems is also from Bellevue.

During his personal time, Peter volunteers with the New England Aquarium, frequently attends concerts and performing arts, and enjoys his passions as a private pilot and boating / sailing enthusiast. He also coordinates multicultural events in expat communities and travels often.