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Peter started working at the age of 14 and spent his first “career” in customer service (grocery, restaurant, and retail) to support him through an Associate’s of Arts Degree. During each pursuit, his entrepreneurial spirit and natural leadership talents flourished and developed.


While studying information technology at college, Peter transitioned into his second “career” (IT and software / Web design). He was a one-stop-shop for computer and telephone network installation and administration while also owning a side business designing Websites. Being a one-stop-shop fine tuned his professional ethics, discipline, consulting, and leadership skills. With an eye towards advancement, Peter also expanded into marketing, administration, legal, and financial aspects of business and ushered every stage of the organizational life cycle.


After completing his Bachelor’s Degree, Peter relocated to Atlanta to test his credentials and experience. Despite many obstacles, he continued to climb and eventually built and directed a multi-million-dollar insurance support division of a previous employer that was based on software he designed and copyrighted.


After accomplishing senior leadership goals, Peter decided to prioritize human rather than technical success, earned new credentials, and started his third “career” in human capital management. He applied technical expertise and business acumen to strategic human resources, creating information systems to enhance recruitment and time and attendance initiatives, developing interview evaluation metrics to predict workplace success, launching national employee engagement and change management programs, etc.


Pursuing a lifetime interest in cultural diversity, Peter also lived in Romania, Hungary, France, and Ireland, where he freelanced as a trainer while earning certifications in teaching, coffee, and hospitality. Subsequently relocating to Boston, he continued to train immigrant, international, and economically disadvantaged students in career development, language arts, customer service, coffee, and food & beverage. He also progressed his HR career in the hospitality industry before switching to talent acquisition and employee experience / engagement in other arenas. Peter enjoys wearing multiple hats as a leader, business partner, recruiter, and operational efficiency specialist.


In his personal time, Peter volunteers as an event coordinator and trainer for community and multicultural organizations, travels often, and enjoys his passions as a private pilot and boating / sailing enthusiast. He also donates his time and expertise to help serve others in need, including animals.

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