Getting Started

1. From your phone, open an Internet browser and go to


2. Scroll to bottom and click appropriate game (Trivia or Bingo)

3. Follow the below instructions

         * Prize amounts determined by donations. Click here to contribute on Venmo.

  • Atmark Trivia Night: Click Here to Join

  • Game PIN: 4533476

  • Each question worth 1,000 points

  • Faster response = more points

  • Mix of true / false & multiple choice (rated PG-13)

  • Questions and answers displayed on Zoom screen

  • Make choice on phone by clicking appropriate color / response

  • Donations split:

    • 50% for 1st place

    • 30% for 2nd place

    • 15% for 3rd place

    • 5% to pay game-related / Zoom fees

    • No donations = no prizes (entertainment only)

** Although much effort is taken to confirm the validity of questions, statements, and answers, mistakes are inevitable. When questioned or challenged, the correct answer defaults to the response researched and concluded upon by the host. Remember… This is just a game. Have fun with it!

Phone Screenshots:

  • Bingo card is on your phone

  • Click appropriate number when called

  • Refresh page for new card

  • Free space in middle

  • Prize / donation info provided at event

Bingo Card.png

Game PIN


True / False

Multiple Choice

PIN Example.jpg
Nickname Example.jpg
True False Example.jpg
Mult Choice Example.jpg